How to care for your new clothing

Delicate, cool wash recommended

Washing your garments at lower temperatures helps prolong the life of the garment.

Turn your clothing inside out

Turning garments inside out helps protect the decoration.

Choose a low spin cycle

High spin cycles can damage the decoration on the garment.

Do not use bleach

Bleach can significantly reduce the condition and life of garment decoration.

Do not use fabric softener

Fabric conditioner can damage the garment decoration.

Do not tumble dry

Even low heat from tumble drying will damage the garment decoration.

Line dry recommended

Remove garment from the washing machine and line dry immediately for best results.

Do not iron

Even cool iron settings can damage the garment decoration.

Take good care for a long life

Whether your item has been decorated using vinyl, full colour transfers or even embroidered, following these care instructions will ensure you get the longest life possible from your garment.